Our Story

On one April night 2017 in Minot, North Dakota our founder was sitting at his computer and looking out at the view from his apartment when the idea of Gamer Memoir came to him. The idea suddenly came to him all at once with so many ideas built into one big idea. This then became a dream of his and was his number one goal to complete this project and hope for its success.

Over time the idea has evolved a lot and now has many added features which you can see in this platform, along with two name changes and a complete site rebuild leading up to what it is now.

We have traveled all over to spread the word of Gamer Memoir. We have attended CES every year since 2018 and we look forward to seeing our fans there again this year. At Gamer Memoir we are constantly looking for new conventions, events, and other venues to attend for community/industry involvement.

Gamer Memoir’s Executive Team

We are a team of dedicated professionals working tirelessly to provide this platform for fellow gamers!


Jordan Semmen

Chairman, CEO, and Founder

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Software Engineer

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Chief Information Officer (CIO)

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Marketing Director


Our mission at Gamer Memoir is to provide a platform for all gamers to post and communicate in a judgement free environment.


At Gamer Memoir we pride ourselves as being a leader in the gaming industry!

We will work day and night to provide the best and most enjoyable experience for our members.

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