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Today we would like to announce the release of our Gamer Points system. You can earn these points by how active you are and what you do on the site. These points will be used to determine your gamer rank. Gamer Points may also be used in the future to unlock premium or secret pages, that is to be decided. There is also the possibility of allowing Gamer Points to be used for store purchases in the future, that is also to be decided. Below is a list of what actions will earn you points!


Registering, Sign up anniversary, daily visits, viewing certain content, logins, posting content, pictures, videos, comments, viewing videos, wall posts, adding to your about me, skills, social networks, gamer reviews, likes and reactions, product reviews, and group related activity.

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  1. Kevin 3 years ago

    This is great!! Can’t wait to earn more points 😛🔥🔥

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